Are you on track for retirement?

With all of the crazy market turmoil and ups and downs of the past ten years, wouldn’t it be nice to know where you stand financially and plan for your future?

A simple yet incredibly effective way to know where you stand.

At O’Brien Retirement Investment Group we use an innovative computer program called “Retirement in a Nutshell” that can quickly help you visualize how the items that make up your cash flow (like your 401k, Social Security, Pension, Rental Income, and debts) come together in future years.

It will compare these cash flow items to your current standard of living, with inflation built in, and tell you if you are in great shape, about the same or need to do more.

It doesn’t require weeks of preparation.

It will do it without requiring you to spend hours filling out forms, you don’t have to itemize your expenses which is a pain, you will be able to see your numbers without a lot of canned language in a concise report of less than 20 pages.

The process is self driven and secure.

To protect your privacy, it does not require entering any Social Security numbers, account numbers, address, or phone number; It does not even require your birth date, just your birth year.

You are part of the process of entering and reviewing the data. You help with the assumptions and insure the data is entered correctly.

Entered once, unlimited possibilities.

It is important that your planning doesn’t break every time something unexpected occurs. With our planning tools, we can run an unlimited number of “WHAT-IF” scenarios that allow us to see how your plan holds up under just about any scenario that you can dream up. Things change over time and this allows us to always be ready.

What’s the next step?

We know how personal each person’s retirement is, and we also know how difficult it is for people to wade through all of the noise out there about retirement. Because of this, we always offer a free initial consultation so you can meet with an advisor in a way that works for you. Knowing where you stand shouldn’t be a hassle. Just give us a call at 860-415-9614, or simply put your information into the form to the right and we will contact you privately to arrange a meeting on your terms that works for you.

Free Confidential Consulation

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