Becoming a Disciplined Automatic Investor

Becoming a Disciplined Automatic Investor

Denis O’Brien of O’Brien Retirement Investment Group is being interviewed by Lisa Carberg of Carberg Communications and former Fox anchor about being an automatic millionaire by using investment discipline and automatic investing.

Independent Financial Group

We are affiliated with Independent Financial Group, LLC as our broker dealer and service center. Independent Financial Group provides us with our access to securities, investments, insurances, and annuities for families and businesses.

Independent Financial Group’s commitment is directly to the independent investment representative. Therefore, Independent Financial Group offers no proprietary investment products. This enables our office to focus on our client’s individual goals and objectives without concerns about specific product quotas and corporate mandated sales goals.

The mission of Independent Financial Group is simple – provide outstanding service, and provide continuing education and access to the tools and resources to help advisors maintain their competitive edge. Most importantly, Independent Financial Group is a place that celebrates quality of life. The growth is not about the numbers, it’s about relationships, with our employees, representatives and families. The force that drives Independent Financial Group is not to be the biggest, but the best.

As a privately–owned and operated company, Independent Financial Group strives to make the success of the client and the advisor their own success. Independent Financial Group strives to provide an environment in which all client and advisor interactions are efficient, friendly, and productive, while delivering the products, services, and technology necessary to serve clients and advisors. Independent Financial Group understands that advisors are independent business people – free to affiliate with whomever they choose. And they continually keep that front of mind as they design and execute the best ways to provide service.

Quality of service is the main goal of every Independent Financial Group employee. They are dedicated to providing advisory offices with the same kind of attentive response advisors would provide to their own clients. Independent Financial Group is not the biggest independent broker dealer, nor do they strive to be. Often smaller is better than larger. And because of their size, they can customize delivery of services to suit any of the needs of advisors and clients. Each member of our team at Independent Financial Group has an average of 10+ years of industry experience.

Independent Financial Group processes direct business accounts held through major mutual funds and insurance companies, as well as brokerage business through their clearing partner, Pershing, LLC.

Independent Financial Group is a national independent broker–dealer firm with corporate headquarters in San Diego, California.

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