Everything we do at O’Brien Retirement is to attempt to produce returns that help our retirees keep up with inflation and to control risk. We use low cost stock, bond indexes as well as individual stocks to invest our client funds. We closely watch the market using our timing programs to help us control risk and attempt to raise returns. We adjust our allocations depending on the risk we perceive in the markets. Our software charts ALL 8000 plus stocks every night and gives a composite of buys, sells and holds whose ratios give an indication of market direction and risk.

We also chart all 250 plus different I-shares industry groups and countries which gives an indication of which groups in the market are popular and rising and which groups underweight and out of favor. We rank each I-share every night to track accordingly. This helps produce hopefully higher returns if we can invest a small portion in a group that starting to show higher relative performance. During periods of caution, we will put money into short and intermediate term US Treasury I-shares to protect our principal.

Everything we do is to reduce risk but there is always a risk of loss in any investment. Anyone who tells you otherwise is to be avoided. But with rates low and economic activity sluggish, it makes sense for you who do not know where to put your money to give our approach some consideration.

If you would like to learn more, please call Denis O’Brien at 860-415-9614 to make an appointment or visit my website at www.obrienretire.com

Take care and God Bless!

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