Our planning process is grounded in the belief that advice and service should be as unique as the individual. Each financial plan is tailored to the client’s specific circumstances taking into account their cash flow, investment objective, personal goals, and other factors.

Income, Saving & Spending

What is your income and what do you spend each year? How will that change over time?
What do you want to accomplish in 5 years? How do you envision retirement?

These seemingly easy questions require thoughtful answers, as they significantly impact your financial targets. We will help you identify your goals and increase your odds of achieving them through a combination of:

Thorough education, simple guidelines, and best practices

Sophisticated cash flow analysis

Prudent investment management that properly assesses your needs and risk tolerance

Tax Management

Do you invest in a tax-efficient manner?
What strategies are available to you to minimize taxes paid during your lifetime?

Tax management is a vital component of smart financial planning. Depending on your specific needs and desires, we will work closely with you and your accountant to optimize tax efficiency in the following areas:

Investing: selecting tax-efficient investments, focusing on asset location and employing tax-loss harvesting.

Retirement Planning: evaluating available retirement plans, contribution limits, and conversion possibilities

Charitable Giving: creating strategies that benefit your favorite charities while also reducing your tax burden

Estate Planning: designing a strategy to transfer maximum wealth to your loved ones

  • What return do you need to achieve your financial goals?
  • How much risk are you willing to take?
  • How much risk are you able to take?

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the primary lever in controlling the risk and return of your portfolio. We categorize investments in four broad asset classes that we believe are essential for a diversified portfolio: equities, fixed income, alternatives, and cash. Once we have identified your goals and risk tolerance, we can determine which mix is right for you.

  • What risks do you currently have?
  • How are you mitigating those risks?
  • Have you recently reviewed your insurance coverage life, disability, long term care, or property and casualty needs?

Risk Management

Some of our clients need additional coverage; many others already have policies in place and want to understand whether those existing policies are appropriate for their goals. Regardless of which situation you are in, we will perform a comprehensive review to determine if you have adequate coverage at a reasonable price. We feel strongly about providing you with unbiased insurance advice; we do not sell insurance, nor do we collect any referral fees.

Trusts & Estates

Our unique internal Trusts & Estates team seamlessly integrates estate planning into your overal financial plan. Wealthspire Advisors can help you with:

Strategies to reduce your taxable estate

Protecting assets from 3rd parties

Trust administration

Incorporating charitable giving into your plan

Planning for family members with special needs

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How can you benefit from a financial plan?

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